Victoria Blazing Paddles

Team Personality: 
We paddle for fun and fitness. We’re a diverse group of people of all ages, backgrounds, and skill levels. We’ve been together for years. We won silver in Nanaimo, gold at the Gorge, and bronze in Victoria in 2013. We are a relaxed group of people and love to enjoy the supportive spirit of the team and festivals, but we mean business on the water. Paddles up!
Practice Times: 
Practice is twice a week (Monday and Thursday @ 5:15). Don’t worry if you will be away at some point over the season. We realize it’s summer and people go on vacation. Being available for the races is the big part.
Looking For: 
All shape, size, age, gender, skill levels are welcome. Especially the “meat in the middle” (a.k.a - guys). We are a friendly, fun loving team that even wins some races. Come by a practice and see if you like it.