Civil Serpents

Team Personality: 
Accountability, Courage, Curiosity, Passion, Service, and Teamwork. These six core values describe the qualities we value in our colleagues, in our organization and for describing how we do our various jobs. This also describes the necessary values that go together to form a good dragon boat team. As a new team, we recruited across Vancouver Island and the lower mainland for team members. Those team members came from various jobs, with varying degrees of paddling experience and fitness levels. With the assistance of the Vancouver Island Paddling coaches, we came together as a team and had a successful first year in the 2012 Victoria Dragon Boat Festival. Every Civil Serpent learned in short order that the core values we embrace in our work, are also necessary to make a good crew. Some of our team members chose to take that experience to the next level and joined other VIP member clubs, to train and compete year round. The confidence and health benefits gained from the sport of dragon racing also make for a healthier and fitter employee. The team members went back to their work locations and spread the experiences they each had, and this year we are looking forward to another successful team with new members joining our ranks.
Years Together: 
1 year
Looking For: 
The Civil Serpents are comprised of members from the Ministry of Justice, Court Services Branch. We are looking for partners in the Justice system who would be interested in joining our team.